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Build a bridge upon your weaknesses

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Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. They both manifest in our lives daily. Being able to identify your strengths and shortcomings is a sign of self-awareness. Often, people tend only to see their strengths. They either ignore their flaws or scared of them. As much as you see and feel excellent concerning your strengths, it is crucial to recognize your weaknesses. It helps you build a rich character. Character development is part of personal development. Identifying and working on your weaknesses show a sign of STRENGTH. Notice the word ‘Strength.’ It takes courage and strength to recognize your weaknesses and improve them for the better. 

Working on your weaknesses to improve them does not have to turn out to be your biggest strength. But if you strategically work around your weaknesses to something productive and more lenient, you will see massive improvement. One of the many things to remember is not to be hard on yourself when you see a weakness. You have to know that everyone has a weakness or two, and that is FINE! But not doing anything about it and letting it affect your life severely is not okay. Identify, plan, and rectify. You will be amazed!

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