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Be active, do not be passive!

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There are pros and cons to being passive. But in the long run, passive behavior might adversely affect your life. For instance, we tend to become passive and let others’ opinions pass by us to avoid conflicts. As said earlier, it may look okay in the short-run. But if you continuously make others’ opinions sound louder than your voice, you might end up losing yourself. As far as it is vital to listen to others, it is essential to be active in the matters that concern you. Being passive is something that is not productive, or that is not relevant to you is fine. But when it comes to your life, your opinion matters first! 

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When a person has passive behavior, others’ standards of living and behaving become dominant in the person’s life, making him or her lose identity. Everyone is different. But it is crucial to stand up for you and put a line. By doing so, everyone will know that your life cannot be affected by their words and suggestions. In that way, eventually, you will realize that YOU are the one that knows what is best for you. SO, be active in everything that concerns you. Do not let anything pass by without you knowing.

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