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Identify ‘your’ success!

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Many a time, we tend to respond to other’s opinions on success. You do not have to measure your life’s goals from someone else’s scale. Success is identifying what your goals are and working towards it to achieve them. It takes preparation and self-discipline to do so. You have to determine what it is that you want. Producing that is Success to YOU. You might want to become a famous singer, dancer or writer. Someone else might want to be a millionaire. So, that ‘someone’s’ goal does not define your success. Your Success depends on your goals and determinations. 

We live in a world of opinions. You cannot stop people from giving you views and defining Success to you. But you can choose what you take into your system. Everyone else’s definition of Success does not have to be yours. Achieving your goals with the maintenance of a steady mindset can be known as ‘your’ Success. Therefore, train your mind to see what your life is designed for. The first thing to do is stopping the comparison. Do not compare yourself to others. There is a reason why we all have different fingerprints; because we ARE different. SO, avoid measuring yourself by looking at someone else’s state. He or she is not your mirror and not your reflection. Your goals and targets are your reflections.  

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